"It's like having a nurse in the family."

About Laurie Denton

Laurie Denton RN is owner and founder of LD Health Advocacy. For over 25 years she has lived and worked in the Kelowna community. As a Registered Nurse, it has been her privilege to guide many people through the complex health care system and find the help they need.

Talking with friends and colleagues, it has become clear that many people are needing help to safeguard their family members due to changing health conditions and aging. Many people are not able to help their loved one due to distance, work or not understanding the medical system. Laurie is here when you cannot be. She knows the healthcare system in Kelowna and uses her nursing background to support and safeguard your loved one.

Laurie offers caring service to her clients. She has helped people with many different health challenges navigate the systems. Laurie's team will surround you with the best advice, care and guidance to support your healthcare journey.

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