Our Nurse Advocates walk with you and guide you through the healthcare system.


We will:

  • review your situation with you and develop a plan

  • help you prepare, and attend your appointments and tests with you

  • develop a team of supports and resources specifically for you

  • ensure you and your family/team understand your diagnosis and all procedures.

Bridging the gap between you and the health care system


Are you or someone you love facing a healthcare challenge or crisis? 

Many people are struggling to understand their illness and what they need to do next.

LD Health Advocacy will help you find greater wellbeing, clarity and peace of mind as you move through the complex and overburdened healthcare system. We will work with you and your doctor to help you understand your diagnosis and your doctor's plan of care. You are our focus and we take the time you need to ensure you understand all you need to know about your health. We will help your family and team understand so they can support you better. 

"Here for you and your loved ones."

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